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The Marauders of The MaiwennBook One

Cheri Sparks

Release Date:

Memorial Day 2024!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to TJ. He stands 5'8" and weighs in at a solid194lbs. TJ and his brother, Chase are both Stewarding Crewman on the ship. TJ's been left alone in space for far too long. He only cares about Chase when it suits him. Otherwise it's his primal urges that he's more concerned with. He's more on the physical side, not the brains. He's got a nasty temper. (Do you like your bad boys really bad??? If so, you might just fall in love with TJ!)

TJ_Pencil Sketch.JPG


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Everett!He's 6'6", weighing in at 240lbs of sensuous, solid muscle. He's a skilled former soldier that now heads up security aboard the ship. He keeps a level head ensuring that the men on aboard toe the line. Often acting as a mediator. His men don't want to see him lose his cool. Everett's incredibly skilled with his hands (I'll let you use your imagination about how so for now).

Everett_Pencil Sketch.jpg

Chapter 3 Snippet

He then gestured to those lying on the floor and the others not yet released from their cryopods. A tear slipped out of my eye and trickled down the side of my face. My attacker smirked and leaned forward so that we were nose to nose. I smelled his musk and felt the heat of his breath. He then turned his head slowly to the side and lapped up my tear with his tongue. I tried to pull away, but he forcefully flipped me over and then cuffed my hands behind my back just as he did the others before me. My head throbbed and I started to lose focus.
From "Marauders of The Maiwenn"

Chapter 4 Snippet

“I’m gonna open this door and you are gonna crawl out of there and kneel in front of me with your hands on your head. Do you understand?” I couldn’t find my words so I nodded. It was the only thing I could do. I was terrified. What was going to happen to me. Why was he opening my cage? He touched the key card to the side of my crate and the door made a soft whoosh noise as the transparent panel rolled up. He took two steps back. I hesitated. Stuck in my tracks. Afraid to leave the crate that I’ve been confined to. “Don’t make me drag you out of there.” My breath caught in my throat. I made a whimper, but not a cry. I was terrified. The goose flesh returned to my arms and legs. I started to crawl forward. I didn’t want to make any sudden movements to alarm him. I wanted to give him no cause to hurt me. As I traversed the opening of the crate I saw his boots and then followed his legs up to his belt. As I crawled the rest of the way out and was able to raise my head fully, I saw the rest of him. He was tall and had on a tight shirt that clung to his muscular chest and torso. His face held a smile and he had short unruly brown hair. Under other circumstances I would have been attracted to him. 

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